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Welcome to the Bumpstart Mini Club (Cornwall U.K)

Bumpstart Mini Club was formed in May 2000 due to a lack of information and clubs in the Cornwall area.

We now have around 30 members on the register but are always ready to welcome more, including visitors and members of other clubs. There is no joining fee and everything we do is cheap and cheerful. Our club is run on suggestions from all members and events vary, to include runs around Cornwall and Devon, Go-Karting, BBQs and bowling and new for this year we are also including paintballing and a Mini Run to Brittany. We usualy meet once a month at the Victoria Inn in Roche.

Everyone is very friendly and at the moment ages range from 17 to 70. All Minis are welcome, in any road legal condition and of any age. On our register we have several historic Minis including an original clubman and a previous left hand drive Cooper through to a W-reg dry weather only Cooper.

News Letter

Ronjour Maclames et Monsieurs We made it, everyone got there and back at the right times and with NO breakdowns. Fairly unusual for BUMPST4RT but its true. October 20th saw 12 nice shiny minis meet before time at the Highway Man, L)ohwa//s, where Richard accused Louise of attempting to murder him.'.~Green Mini) Louise had been telling Richard there was a strange noise coming from her mini, Richard had told Louise how to cure this noise and she followed his instructions on curing the problem, she turned her radio up louder; the noise turned out to he' a very 100SC wobbly bark wheel noticed by one of the other minis behind her. Only 2 things were worrying me about the trip to France one being someone not turning up on time because I had everyone's confirmation and the second being Alex in France not being there to meet us. So 1 felt sick when we got to Roscoff and he wasn't there. He did arrive though a few minutes later. The first part of the whistle stop tour took us along a beautiful stretch of road with the river running along side and the sun just rising this was absolutely stunning. First stop was the supermarket in Pley her-Christ where Robert brought my pregnant sister 6 Camembert and 6 packs of crepes( he wasn't allowed to go if didn't bring these hack) and I found Martini at only £4.50. (Excellent,) The next stretch took us along our equivalent to Dartmoor, lovely scenery when (he mist cleared. Next port of call was Pleyben, where lots of Brits living in Brittany came and said hello. Kerjean Chateaux was next on the list and getting there for some was a hit hair-raising or at least it was for their passengers as some drivers forgot in which direction to look when pulling away and crossing junctions. (1 didn't say Norman or Ben,) We were lucky enough to be able to park right in front of the Chateaux for a photo shoot (beat that one Cornish mini Club) if anyone has photos developed please bring them along on Wednesday' as Bob Busiest has written articles for both The Guardian and Advertiser and mini magazine want some as well. Although time wasn't on our side 1 enjoyed the whole day, beautiful weather, a good guide, lovely scenery and having lots of the French enjoy the sight of so many minis and of course good company what else could you ask for. I hope everyone else enjoyed it to. Christmas. After the next meeting there is only 6 weeks until Christmas and if we want to do something as a group we need to do it now. The only suggestion received that cover everyone is howling. Hotel California charge !15 or a meal and disco and bowling is an extra £3.00 each. Ozzell Bowl do 2 games and a basket meal for £10 pound California want all the money up front and Ozzell bowl £3 deposit. Also a date needs to be fixed, I suggest the 1st of December before everywhere gets too booked up, works parties take place and J‚inilies descend. What ever is decided could anyone interested please bring some money/hr deposits please on Wednesday. heroes and Villains This will he a regular part of the newsletter and will he drawn on experiences of rnemher,4. Heroes Parkside Garage Bethel--Crypton Tuning They appear to like minis and their machine is worth the money when it gives a list of what is wrong with the engine, put it right and tune it for you. Good value and manners. -Roundabout Motors--Body Work I asked for a quote to straighten out the front of my mini, and after having it insulted I was told £2000 should cover it and they'll need the car for a month, they had an orion I could use but 1 would have to insure it. -Midland Wheel Centre-- Mini Bits An order of £50 plus £7.00 postage took from Friday lunch-time to Wednesday evening to arrive. Another order for £110 ordered Friday again eventually turned up one week later. MWC blamed staff on Tuesday, the post on Wednesday and it was actually dispatched on Thursday. When we complained they didn't care and then when we said we wouldn't order from them again they said 'fine'. Bad Manners and sad staff Andrew Retallick has sent us a leaflet on having a favourite photo printed to the size of a stamp which is attached to a usual stamp which can then be stuck on an envelope. Confused then have a look at the leaflet on Wednesday or ask at the post office for info on Smilers. Wanted A 998cc mini with a little Tax or at least a good MOT for around £500 for a first car. Tel 01208 872347. We are coming up to a slower pace for the minis because of darker nights, shorter days and lots of places being shut for the winter but for next year lots to look forward to. eg. Easter-Treasure hunt May-Riviera Run. June Time-further ~ August Dunkerswell mini show, as well as Exeter Show', Wheels and another French Trip'? Well that's about all the tosh I can drum up for this time, we look forward /0 seeing you soon Jean Tel 01208 872347 e-Mail bumpstart@btinternet.com


The club meets at 8pm on the first Wednesday of each month(except December) at:

  • The Victoria Inn,
  • Roche,
  • Cornwall(if you happen to live a long way away),
  • England(If you live a REALLY long way away).

    If you want to know more its best to contact Jean on either:
    Tel 01208 872347 or bumpstart@btinternet.com

    Next Meeting:
    9th of January 2002

    Forth Coming Events:
    Date Event
    9th December Shepton Mallet for a mini show
    Umm Theres definitly more but I cant remember at the momentf


    Recent Updates

    2nd December 2001 The France page is up and the first 2 members minis are available for you to look at.

    And remember that if you find any problems or have any suggetions LET ME KNOW!!